How To Delete/Deactivate Snapchat Account Permanently On Android & Remove Your All History-2019

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This tutorial is about how to remove or close snapchat account without password.

This trick is new one 2018 released and also works on samsung android phone,apple ios iphone,pc or computer.

If this method is good for you or not interested,just press cancel icon to reactivate your account.

This is my only one of the video for deleting snapchat account and also disable your this app related memories all at once.

Also available in tamil,hindi,telugu and malayalam.


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how to delete a snapchat account without knowing the password :

1.Long time i have the doubt for how do i delete my snapchat account permanently.

2.Because this snapchat story and chat history is very disturbing me.

3.Then i want to delete my a/c in temporarily.

4.But this video will show you how to shut down or close down snapchat account forever.

5.Here i using only method 1.

6.Just open your snapchat application in your android mobile and then press that profile icon.

7.Then again press gear icon for settings,then goto Support - My account & security.

8.Now in this section,you can goto Account information - Delete my account.

9.Here you can click to open that link "Accounts portal" and then it ask for your username and password.

10.Once the login details are entered,it starts to logging in.

11.One more time it ask for my sign in informations.

12.Once the details are entered,click to submit your request.

13.Finally immediately the snapchat deleted my account and this process will complete without 30 days.

14.Once if you forgot password,just use email to get recovery option.

15.This is the way you can instantly deactivate account from snapchat.