YOUTUBE videos ஐ Whatsapp status ஆக வைப்பது எப்படி

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How to set youtube videos as a whatsapp status
The most straightforward way how to share a YouTube video on WhatsApp is to post the URL link to your conversation window. The biggest advantage of this approach is that you and your partner will save data and time. This is what you need to do:

Open the video you want to share on YouTube.
Click on the share link located under the video.
You will be presented with various share options; choose the one that lets you copy the URL to the clipboard.
Head over to your WhatsApp conversation window and paste the link that you’ve just copied.
Send the message with the link.
WhatsApp will automatically recognize the content of the link and give your conversation partner a small preview of its content. Alternatively, you can just share directly to WhatsApp. Just be aware that you particular operating system might not support this option.

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